Many of the nunneries were destroyed and, in the area of Nangchen County alone, more than 3,000 nuns lost.  The remaining nuns scattered into the mountains where, today, they are dedicated to rebuilding their nunneries and reigniting the vision born so many years ago.

Today, Tsoknky Rinpoche III, a reembodiment of Tsoknye Rinpoche I, is an avid supporter of these nuns.  He so beautifully states: “These women embody the full richness of Buddhist love, compassion and wisdom in female form. It’s quite rare, I think. If this light of tradition is gone
from this earth, even though we have text, the experiential warmth and blessings of this living women’s tradition will be gone forever.”

I think of these women living in the barren eastern plains of Tibet in meager living conditions, without medical facilities or decent housing and a precarious future – praying in such deep devotion and with such great courage. They are women of strength and determination, not unlike Tara, who stated so profoundly: