When Porter created the new design in wrist malas, which he appropriately named Tara Malas, since there are 21 beads and 21 praises to Tara, we had no idea of the blessings that were about to unfold! The Tara Malas had their “coming out” party at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on February 18th, where they were sold as part of a fund raiser for the Nangchen Nuns in Tibet. The day, entitled Empowering the Awakening Feminine, included a Tara Empowerment by Lama Palden, The Resident Lama at Sukkhasiddhi Foundation, and meditation teachings with Julie Wester and Debra Chamberlain-Taylor. We sold out of many of our designs and were blessed to be able to contribute to this very important cause.

On April 4th, with the gracious help of George Taylor, a proposal was submitted to Tsoknye Rinpoche for the making of the malas in Tibet for the benefit of the Nangchen Nuns. Tsoknye Rinpoche loved the Tara Malas. He suggested that the local villagers and the nuns join together in creating a cottage industry wherein the villagers would make the malas, which would then be taken to the monasteries where the nuns would bestow prayers and blessings on them. The malas would then be shipped back to the United States and the profits returned to Tibet.